Case Study: Lessons nonprofits can learn from Corporate America


Healthy Choice, a product focused on frozen dinners and lunches, wanted to increase the number of people connected to the company's Facebook Page, increase engagement, and reinforce the brand's reputation for value. They decided to create a coupon that increased in value as more people clicked to "Like" the brand and sign up for the coupon. They promoted the campaign through active engagement, Facebook Ads, and email communication.


Use Facebook to engage consumers and increase the number of people connected to the company's Facebook Page.


  1. Define Your Goals

    By defining exactly what an organization hopes to gain from a promotion, they can better design the promotion itself to achieve those goals. Healthy Choice wanted to focus on gaining more engagement and promoting awareness of its company and new products. To do this they focused on a changing coupon.

    Providing incentives is a good way to gain followers or "Likes." Also giving away gifts to the 1000th follower or other incentives can be another positive way to gain supporters. To drive sales for a business, offering free shipping or one-time discounts can be beneficial. Or, by providing coupons or promo codes, organizations can give users a chance to sign up for their newsletter.

  2. Exploit the Medium

    Use different methods and devices to increase engagement and awareness. Healthy Choice used Facebook Ads as well as email communication and community outreach. The incentive to increase the coupon value motivated the people that had the coupons to encourage their peers to "Like" the Facebook Page.

    Healthy Choice was also able to use Facebook's anonymized and aggregated data to target its desired audience.

  3. Set Metrics

    Once the goals are defined, it's important to keep count of the base numbers of people or the amount of money that is there originally, to know how to isolate social media traffic from new data.

  4. Evaluate and Adjust

    Even if the campaign is a failure, it's always important to assess what went wrong and why. And then try again. If it was a success, find the factors that made it successful, and see how they can be used again. Healthy Choice was able to create successful incentives and initiatives that raised consumer awareness and promoted positive engagement.


"The buzz that we wanted to create, we definitely created that, and we did something different," Genevieve Mazzeo, Social Media Manager of ConAgra Foods, said.

Healthy Choice saw their connections increase from 6,800 to approximately 60,000 at the time of the study. By offering a newsletter capture on the coupon signup form, they were able to also register approximately 60% of connections for their mailing list.

Although Healthy Choice used Facebook, these ideas are also important to keep in mind using any social media platform like Twitter.

Published by The Fundraising Journal 2011

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